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Gold and Silver: Antidotes for Ponzi Scheme Finance.

12 ча назад

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Stacking Silver Fast, Heavy and Hard... Should You? - Silver Stack Buys & a MCM Silver Unboxing

3 дн назад

Miscellaneous pickups from the Local Coin Shop, a coin show and MCM on eBay. eBay's 15% discount with qualifying bullion. Watch the vid. It's a game ...

Silver Is NOT an Investment Part 1

5 дн назад

Physical Silver is not an investment. We attempt to explain the true value of physical silver and gold as Money. Paper contracts are not the same but exclusively ...

Retail Silver In Tight Supply?

3 дн назад

Retail Silver In Tight Supply? - If you are looking for Retail Silver In Tight Supply?, then watch this video to learn ...

Silver, Gold, and Hyperinflation

3 ча назад

Why hyperinflation is a real risk, and is not something easily quantified. Support Silver Fortune, shop at SD Bullion! Free shipping over $99, and a 1 oz. round for ...

Silver Surfer No Shots Fired - James and Mike Mondays

4 ча назад

James Rolfe and Mike Matei attempt a "No Shots Fired" challenge with Silver Surfer for NES! Follow Mike Matei on Twitch ...

Silver Is Ready For TAKEOFF! - Is THIS A Bull Market?

2 нед назад

Josh Sigurdson talks with Greg Crowe of Silver One Resources about the incredibly bullish climate for gold and silver, especially silver. For years, we saw an ...

Jim Rogers 🔴 Trying To Confiscate Silver Would Be Like The US Govt Trying To Confiscate The Guns

3 дн назад

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When Will Silver and Gold Breakout of this Range?

6 дн назад

With their recent tight range, when will silver and gold breakout, and in which direction? Support Silver Fortune, shop at SD Bullion! Free shipping over $99, and ...

Gold & Silver Are Loving the Gov't Shutdown Conflict, Stock Volatility

2 ча назад

Market Analysis/Investing/Trading Methods At For Only $50 Per Month. | Gold & Silver Are Loving ...


4 ча назад

11 year old Silver started life as a dressage horse. I taught him to jump for 3 months ago... We found a hidden talent! He really does feel like he loves to fly!

Silver In 2019: 10 Reasons Why Silver Will Outshine Gold

1 дн назад

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Economic Collapse News - It Begins! Chinese Demand Plummets Across Many Sectors

1 дн назад

Economic collapse news. Apple was the talk of the town a week ago when they revealed sales were falling off as a result of lower Chinese demand.

If the Banks fail, will Gold and Silver be useless.....?!?!

5 дн назад

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EVA-MARTY & SILVER - KATO BEBE (OFFICIAL 4K VIDEO, 2018) / Ева-Марти и Силвър - Като Бебе

4 нед назад

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Mal Passado - Vi Kakinho - Drop Dead Silver Era

8 ча назад

INSCREVA-SE: Vi Kakinho tem skate no sangue e aqui está a prova: as imagens cruas da sua parte no Silver Era, vídeo que ...

Metal Detecting UK. Silver after Silver. Best Hunt of 2019 So Far. Artefacts/Relics and old coins.

4 ча назад

Back out with Derbyshire detecting club for the start of this video and then on to a personal permission. We had some great finds including multiple silver finds ...


3 нед назад

To date, we have escaped a currency crisis in the West, but given rising debt levels and increasingly illiquid banks, how much longer can the good times last?

How To Get YouTube Silver Play Button 2019 !!!

1 ча назад

silverplaybutton #2019 #Dubai Hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did then do share this video around on your socials, share it with friends. And Thanks so ...

A Tremendous Opportunity is Forming For Silver & Gold Investors 2019

6 дн назад

Precious metals have largly been silent in recent years. Silver and Gold Mining companies need to constantly explore for new deposits. And that's where the ...

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

1 дн назад

Benefits of Colloidal Silver